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Day 1

Registration for Conference 08:30 – 09:00 hrs

Inaugural Session (0900 – 1030 hrs)

Arrival of Chief Guest (Dr. Sania Nishter) and

Guest Of Honor (Honorable Minister for Planning and Development, Pakistan Ahsan Iqbal sb)

Recitation of the Holy Quran by Qari Zia-ur-Rahman (Imam Faisal Masjid)

Welcome Note (Country Director, HHRD)

Address by Dr. Talat Sultan, Chairman Board, HHRD

Address  by the Chief Guest (Dr. Sania Nishter)

Address  by the Guest Of Honor (Honorable Minister for Planning and Development, Pakistan Ahsan Iqbalsb)

Vote of thanks (Mr. Farrukh Raza, President/CEO, HHRD)

Tea (1030 – 1045 hrs)

Session I

Theme 1: Evidence-informed policy and advocacy for quality maternal health care-An overview of situation in Pakistan (1045 – 1300 hrs)

Chairperson:  :  Dr. Asghar Abbasi (Chief Health, Planning Commission)                                                                                                                               Co-Chairperson: Dr. Kauser Firdaus  (Senator)




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1.       An overview of situation in Pakistan Maternal Health in Maternity

Dr FH Mian, Deputy Chief Health, Planning Commission of Pakistan

15 min


Dr. Talib Lashari Technical Advisor Marie Stopes Society

15 min

2. Presentation on 3 Years Since Devolution.ppt

3.       Assessment of Basic Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care (EmONC) in Health Care Facilities across Pakistan

Dr. Farah Rashid Siddiqui, Associate Professor, YusraMedical and Dental College

 15 min

3. Dr. Farah.ppt

4.       Family Planning in Pakistan: Applying What We Have Learned

Dr. Adnan A. Khan, Director Research and Development Solutions, Islamabad

 15 min

4. Dr. Adnan Data to Evidence to Actions.ppt

5.       Availability of health services in the participating hospitals of Pakistan in the WHO Multicountrysurvey 2011 and its association with maternal and newborn health

Dr. Syeda Batool Mazhar, HOD,Gynae& Obs Unit, PIMS

15 min

5. S. BATOOL facility3.ppt

6.       MNCH program Punjab

Dr. Syed Sajid Ali, MNCH program Punjab

15 min

6.MNCH Program mdg 5 - Dr. Zaffar.ppt


Dr. Saeeda Khatoon DMCH, MCPS.EX. Public Health Specialist, MNCH  Attock

15 min

7. Dr Saeeda MNCH attock.ppt

8.       HHRD - Contributions to Improving Maternal Health & the lessons learnt

Dr. Rehana Nasir, HHRD

15 min


Questions and Answers

15 min

Remarks by Chairperson and Panel of Experts

15 min


Lunch and Prayers Break (1300 – 1430 hrs)



Session II

Theme 2: Program approaches and tools to improve the quality of maternal health care

 (1430 – 1600 hrs)

Chairman:  Mr. Asad Omer (MNA)   /Mr. Naeem Baig (President ICNA)                     

Co-Chairman: Brig Naila, Advisor and Head Gynae & Obs, Army Medical Core

9.       Clinical Decision Support System for Mother and Child Health

Mujtaba Hussain, Maria LatifFINCON Services Inc. Islamabad, Pakistan

15 min


10.   Improving Quality of Maternal Care through Midwifery Refresher Courses- A project experience in two districts of KP

Dr Faisal Ali Shah and Dr. FarhatRehana Malik Department of Community Health Sciences, Peshawar Medical College, Prime Foundation

15 min

10. Maternal Health-Midwives Capacity Building Presentation.ppt

11.   National Fistula Program of Pakistan

Dr.Sajjad Ahmed Siddiqui MBBS, MPH, Project Manager (National Fistula Project) UNFPA

15 min

11.From Despair to dignity-2by Dr. Sajjad.ppt

12.   Engaging Young Married Couples in Adoption of Family Planning for Birth Spacing: Opportunities and Challenges

Pathfinder International Pakistan Author: Mr Abo Ul Hassan Madni, Research Analyst Co-authors:1. DrTauseef Ahmed, Country Representative 2. Dr Haris Ahmed, Director Program

15 min

12- HHRD presentation 25 Nov, 13 - Abo Ul Hassan Madni.ppt


Questions and Answers


15 min


Remarks by Chairperson and Panel of Experts


15 min


Tea and Prayers Break (1600 – 1615 hrs)



Presentation by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

 (1615 – 1620)


Session III

 “Panel Discussion: MDG 5: Situational Analysis – Why are we lagging behind ”

(1615 – 1800 hrs) with 17:00-17:15 prayer break

Chairperson: Dr. Mumtaz (VP International Islamic University)

Moderator: Dr Asma Badar (Maternal and Child Health Specialist)




Closing Day 1 with Duwa





Annual Conference

MDG 5 – Improving Maternal Health in Pakistan

25th and 26th November 2013

Day 2

Opening the Day 2 with Recitation of the Holy Quran

(0830 - 0840 hrs)

Islamic Perspective of Maternal Health by Imam Jawad Ahmed

(0840 – 0850)

Recap of the Day 1 by Dr. Muhammad Khalid (HHRD)

(0850 – 0900)

Session I

Theme 3: Access to and utilization of quality maternal health care

(0900 – 1100 hrs)

Chairperson:  Dr. Dina Neelofur Khan (World Health Organization)

Co-Chairperson: Dr. Zahid Bukhari

13.   Assessment of promoters and barriers to effective health services for women and under 5 children in communities inMuzaffargarh, Punjab

Dr Jamil Ahmed, Dr Maqsooda Kasi, World Vision

12 min

13.Child health now research_baseline_HHRD_25Nov.ppt

14.   Frequency of contraceptive use and its association with couple’s education and income status in Rawalpindi, Islamabad (Pakistan)

Dr. Farwa Rizvi, Assistant Professor, Community Medicine Dept., IMDC (Islamabad Medical and Dental College), Bahria University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

12 min

14. RH, for HHRD, Nov. 2013.ppt

15.   Knowledge Attitude And Practice Regarding Folic Acid Deficiency: A Hidden Hunger

Dr. Aliya Hisam, Mahmood Ur Rehman, Syed Fawad Mashhadi Community Medicine Department,  Army Medical College, Rawalpindi

12 min

15. KAP regarding Folic Acid deficiency in WOCBA.ppt

16.   Determinants of maternal mortality in near miss patients – facility based review

by Prof Nasira Tasnim, Dr Amna Abbasi,Dr Abida gul

12 min

16.Maternal near miss final.pptx final 2.ppt

17.   Antenatal Mental Health and Predictors of Stillbirth and Intrauterine deaths: A cohort study in rural Pakistan Running Title: Predictors of stillbirths and intrauterine deaths in rural Pakistan by

Dr Ahsan Maqbool Ahmad, Director Development Strategies, Islamabad

12 min

17. PRESENTATION NOV 18TH 2013.ppt

Short Break (0945 – 0950)

18.   Prevalence of Hepatitis B infection in married women of child bearing age in District Islamabad

Dr. Najma Javed, Sumera Naz, Pakistan Medical Research Council (PMRC)

12 min

18. HBV in mothers-Dr. Najma.ppt

19.   Maternal “near miss” at Holy Family Hospital

Prof. Fehmida Shaheen, Head ofObs/Gynae Unit-II, Obs/Gynae Unit-II, Holy Family Hospital 

12 min

19. Final Near Miss.ppt

Questions and Answers

15 min

Remarks by Chairperson and Panel of Experts

15 min

Tea Break (1100 - 1115)


Session II

Panel Discussion: “Way forward in Light of the Conference ”

(1115 – 0100 hrs)

Chairperson: Dr. Rahmat Ali Baloch (Health Minister for Balochistan)

Moderator: Dr. Muhammad Khalid (HHRD)

Lunch and Prayers Break (0100 – 1430 hrs)

Session III

Theme 4: Strengthening health systems for improving the quality of maternal health care- post devolution scenario & the steps taken by Provincial Governments

(1400 – 1615 hrs)

Chairperson:  General ® Masood Anwer  (Principal Islamic International Medical College)

Co-Chairperson: Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rahman (Peshawar Medical College)





20.   Strengthening health system for improving the quality of maternal health care- post devolution scenario

Dr Syeda Zahida Sarwar Additional Program Director (Tech) Policy & Strategic Planning Unit (PSPU), Govt. Of Punjab

15 min

20.Position papaer for Maternal Health Conference 25-26 Nov, 2013.ppt

21.   Achieving MDG-5 requires a Health Systems Solution:  A Message from the State of Qatar

Dr. Sajjad Rahman Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Weill Cornell Medical College & Senior Consultant Perinatal Medicine Lead PI PEARL Study & Lead PI Mag Cool Study Women's Hospital Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha State of Qatar

15 min

21. Maternal Mortality in Qatar.ppt

22.   The WHO Multicountry Survey on Maternal and Newborn health 2011: Facility-based management of complications in pregnancy and childbirth in Pakistan

Prof Dr Syeda Batool Mazhar, HOD Gynaeand Obs department, PIMS, Islamabad

15 min

22. mcs hhrd III syeda batool.ppt

23.   Public Private Partnership, A remedy to improve Maternal Health indicators in Pakistan

Dr Mazhar Abbasi, Integrated Health Services

15 min

23. Presentation Abstract PPP(Dr. Mazhar Abbasi).ppt

24.   Early marriage and childbearing: Issues in health provisioning by

Dr Dina Neelofur Khan, WHO, Switzerland, Geneva

15 min

24. KhanD_Ppt_Early marriage and childbearing_Issues in health provisioning_Nov2013.ppt

Questions and Answers

15 min

Remarks by Chairperson and Panel of Experts

15 min

Tea Break (1545 – 1600)

Closing (1600 – 1700 hrs)

Presided by M. Naeem Baig sb, President ICNA, USA

Arrival of Chief Guest (Honorable Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rasheed sb)

Announcement of Conference Communiqué by Dr. Muhammad Khalid (HHRD)

Address by M. Naeem Baig sb, President ICNA, USA

Shield Distribution

Vote of Thanks by Dr. Farrukh Raza, CEO, HHRD

Final Note and closing Duwa (Dr. Talat Sultan, Chairman Board of Directors, HHRD)

Poster Presentations (To de displayed at the conference venue)


25.   Predictors of Severe Maternal Outcome among Pakistani Women in The WHO Multi Country Survey on Maternal and Newborn Health by Dr. Syeda Batool Mazhar, HOD Gynae& Obs Unit, PIMS

26.   Reduction of maternal mortality, still a dream in Pakistan by Dr. Khansa Iqbal, Senior Registrar, Prof.Fehmida Shaheen, Head of Obs/Gynae Unit-II, Obs/Gynae Unit-II, Holy Family Hospital 

27.   Maternal & Social risk factors associated with Low Birth Weight by Dr Farah Rashid Siddiqui

Associate Professor, Yusra Medical & Dental College

28.   Tackling unmet obstetrics needs Dr. Rubaba Abid, Senior Registrar, Prof. Fehmida Shaheen, Head ofObs/Gynae Unit-II, Obs/Gynae Unit-II, Holy Family Hospital

29.   Retrospective analysis of acute hepatitis E infection in hospitalized pregnant cases by Dr. Najma JavedAwan, Senior Medical Officer, Pakistan Medical Research Council Islamabad

30.   Impact of timely intervention on outcome of maternal near miss by Prof Nasira tasnim,  kauser Bangash ,Abida Gul  

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